Pink Fridays

Hello everyone sorry i am late posting my entry it is hard if you have a newborn always needs attention. Anyway i want to show you what i make last week  when i was in the farm. Hubby wants me to go with him in the farm so i have an idea that we will just have a picnic in there and after that he was free to work there while i will going to make something out of the beads i brought. So i decided to make an earrings so far i make 8 pairs for one hour. After that we went home and did something online.

The earrings below are just pretty waiting for someone to use it :) and i plan to giveaway all of it. Do you like them? I will make a little giveaways either here or in my other blog at Made By Gen.

I want to remind you that the image below which is the free pink blogger layout that i make still available just want to share. You can visit my design blog at SAHM’s Hangout.

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